If you want to walk fast, walk alone, if you want to walk far, walk together!” 


Developing countries offer great opportunities for international German and European companies. Not only do they serve as outsourcing or procurement markets but also as potentially lucrative sales markets. However, with opportunities come great challenges and problems. 

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Finding sustainable solutions to these challenges is in fact a common goal of private companies doing international business and state-led foreign development policies. For this reason the German government offers a private-public partnership programme called develoPPP.de. 

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suPPPort ltd. is an international consultancy and service provider with offices in Hong Kong, Bangladesh and Germany. suPPPort initiates and assists in application and implementation of sustainable development projects. 

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Sustainable development is the key to your business success and inevitable for our future generations. Only together we can achieve these goals. Find out how you can contribute.



All photography provided by Ozan Oezdemir