Circular Economy Services

We suPPPort you within the transition from a linear "take-make-dispose" economy towards closed loop business strategies.

The fashion business is changing.

Circular Economy represents a huge opportunity, not only when it comes to increasing resource security and reducing the environmental impact of production, but also for creating growth and driving profitability.


Why going circular?

With emerging markets and an increasing demand for textile fibers, the apparel & footwear industry is facing massive future challenges. Inefficient linear resource flows, increasing costs for environmental & waste management as well as planetary boundaries are the trigger for rethinking the current system and a strong movement toward circularity within the whole industry.

Capacity Building & Strategy Development

  • Trainings, Education & Workshops on Circular Economy
  • Creating a company-specific roadmap for closing loops
  • Developing a new circular business model
  • Setting up products, production and services in the most effective and economic way

Textile Waste Management

  • Identifying potentials to reduce textile waste and waste streams along the whole supply chain/ within the whole companies production process
  • Setting up of waste-management systems for pre-consumer waste; including waste collecting, sorting and embedding of further usage concepts

Design for Cyclability

  • Trainings & Workshops on Circular Design Strategies
  • Implementation of Redesign, Upcycling & Recycling methods
  • Developing of new products and product lines
  • Analysing fiber- & material usage and transforming them according to circularity requirements

Resource efficiency & Lean Management

  • Onsite assessment to identify resource saving and recovery opportunities
  • Creating a company-specific roadmap for improvements on resource usage
  • Full range of services on resource efficiency and cleaner production (reduction of energy, water, GHG emissions, chemicals)