Export Promotion for Cambodian Garment Manufacturers


The Cambodian garment industry is the glue that holds the country’s economy together. More than 520,000 mostly female Cambodians are employed in about 1200 garment and shoe factories. The industry accounts for almost all of the nation’s exports. Especially exports to the EU have increased by 14.5% from 2014 to 2015.

Even though there is still scope for improvement of garment factory conditions, investors are attracted by the promising economic benefits, which the Cambodian sourcing market is offering. In order to boost this growth of export volumes in a sustainable manner, apparel factories have to be equipped with the right tools to gain access to the EU and market themselves. This will increase long-term business success and partnerships with foreign investors and trading parties. Therefore, the presence of especially locally owned Cambodian manufacturers at international trade fairs, such as the renowned trade fair in Paris, is an important step towards an international market presence.


Project Details

Target of the project is to improve the market access of Cambodian apparel manufacturers in the EU through training of local textile manufacturers in development and implementation of a globalization strategy.

The German trade fair is conducting a 2-year project to equip 24 local Cambodian garment manufacturers with the necessary tools to successfully take part in the trade fair in Parid. Therefore, representatives in Cambodia are trained who give seminars on

  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Building your Global Strategy
  • Marketing Tools for Apparel Manufacturers
  • Participation at an International Trade Fairs

These Training of Trainer activities will educate apparel manufacturers as well as members of the garment association to better approach the European market.

At the trade fair, to promote the Cambodian exhibitors and to attract more buyers, the German trade fair specifically advertises the new exhibitors and their products in professional textile magazines and promotion material. Furthermore, a fashion show and Business to Business meetings are organized. These marketing activities will ensure the attention of buyers and make the trade fair visit even more successful.