GRI Standard Certified Training Program

The sustainability reporting standard by GRI is the globally most commonly used framework to prepare sustainability reports. The GRI framework has been refined over the years to match the needs of different stakeholders in the society to report on how an organization’s activities affect the economy, the environment and the society. The framework has evolved from GRI G4 to the “GRI Standards”, which are the only recognized version from 2018.


As a Certified Training Partner by GRI, we offer the GRI Standard Certified Training Program in Hong Kong!

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What you will learn from the course?

In this 2-day GRI Certified course you will learn about the principles of preparing a sustainability report that meets the GRI Standards, based on practical case studies. Topics covered are:

  • Global sustainability policies
  • The value and history of sustainability reporting
  • Structure of the GRI standards
  • Comparing GRI to other sustainability standards- HKEx ESG & SDG
  • 10 Reporting principles
  • Steps to prepare a sustainability report
  • Applying the GRI Reporting Principles
  • Reporting for strategies, ethics and governance
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Materiality and Topic Boundary
  • Management Approach
  • Core and Comprehensive, in accordance with options
  • Compiling information – framework to set targets
  • Formats to present the report
  • Tools GRI provides to facilitate reporting


You should attend, if you…

… are a listed company who needs to comply with HKEx ESG requirements

… are preparing sustainability reports

… want to upgrade your knowledge on sustainability and the GRI Standard

… want to learn a systematic way of reporting

… are a student who wants to learn about global sustainability frameworks


Customized In-House & One-on-One Training

We can also arrange in-house training for your organisation if there are 5 attendants or more (at the public price).

One-on-one training can also be organized. Please contact us for a quote.



Our highly qualified trainers are experienced sustainability specialists that are qualified by GRI to give this training. They all have hands-on experience preparing sustainability reports according to the GRI framework as well as experience in stakeholder engagement, providing sustainability strategic and practical advice.

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Our team is highly experienced in Sustainability Reporting and certified in GRI Sustainability Reporting.

We are furthermore experienced in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Reporting, acoording to the Hong Kong Stockexchange.