Sustainability Reporting

Stakeholders around the world, especially buyers and customers, are becoming increasingly aware of the impact a company has on its supply chain and demand more transparency.

As a consulting company for sustainability, we encourage our clients to be transparent, and besides reporting on their financial performance, also taking social and environmental aspects into account. Identifying areas to improve can effectively lower your business risks. Reporting is a value adding process for the company and its stakeholders. It:

  • Measures your performance, sets targets and constantly improve
  • Lowers operational risks and gets your social license to operate
  • Makes you stand out from your competitors
  • Builds relationships with stakeholders for long-term win-win solutions
  • Demonstrates to investors tight operation control and visionary strategic planning ability

Our approach is to not report in the same wording every year - we go one step further by assisting you to drive changes in the long run. We make use of our extensive network, find the right partners, start cooperation with local communities, exchange knowledge with education partners and associations and thus facilitate change. We will help you along the way to plan and improve your sustainability performance, and also help you to show a better performance than your competitors!


suPPPort ltd. is a Certified Training Partner by GRI.


Giving your sustainability report into our hands, you will get more than just another report!

We are your right partner if

  • You are a Hong Kong stock listed company who has to report according to HKEx Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting Guidelines
  • You want to publish your Sustainability Report according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines
  • You aim to upgrade your report from GRI G4 to the new GRI Standards
  • You are looking for ways to make improvements in your report and learn more about how to benefit from improved sustainability performance
  • You want to change your way of reporting

Our team is highly experienced in Sustainability Reporting and certified in GRI Sustainability Reporting.

suPPPort ltd. has also recently joined the GRI Gold Community

Our team is experienced in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Reporting, acoording to the Hong Kong Stockexchange.